Auto creation of navon's

I’ve noticed something curious while creating folders and navons using the web services API (v 6.5.2) - it seems that Rx begins creating a new navon automatically after I create the first navon. Is this kind of behaviour normal?
Specifically, I’m running the following sequence of commands when I’m creating my folder structure to a.) create a folder and then b.) create the navon for that folder:

1: PSWsUtils.addFolderTree
(create Navon with the next 4 steps)
2: PSWsUtils.createItem
3: PSWsUtils.saveItem
4: PSWsUtils.checkinItem
5: PSWsUtils.addFolderChildren

This works the first time through but then fails the second time around when creating the navon because a navon is already been created by virtue of calling addFolderTree. Note that there aren’t any navtrees that have been created yet.
How can I turn this kind of behavior off?

There is a “Relationship Effect” connected to the “Folder Content” relationship that creates Navons in child folders either when the child folder is created or the NavTree item is added to a folder.

You can turn this off by disabling the effect, but it might be simpler just to create the NavTree and not create the Navons in your program. You can then “update” the navons as needed after the create of the NavTree.

Note that if you do disable the effect, you’ll have to restart the server.


I had not created any navtree’s in my program so it seems that what’s happening is that navon’s are getting created automatically every time after I create the first one. Is this the expected behavior?


Yes, once you have a Navon / NavTree in a folder, if you create a subfolder, you will get new Navon in the new subfolder.

This is the expected behavior.