Auto Index from Checkbox Tree Values

Has anyone written an Auto Index query to select items based on the values selected in a check box tree.

I have a page where users apply meta data by selecting checkbox tree values

I want to pouplate an auto index slot where news articles have been checked with at least one of the items checked on the page.

I’m struggling with what I should set as the parameter to pass to the query from the page checkbox (I.e. do I pass an array optained by using getValues())




I have been planning to do something similar (an autoslot to find related items by searching for anything with the same keywords selected in a checkbox tree) but haven’t got round to it yet because all my time is taken up sorting out bugs. But I have done some experimenting and found that JSR-170 queries search all the values selected in checkbox trees. So, even though the values selected in a check box tree are stored in a separate table, you don’t need to do anything like an INNER JOIN as you would in SQL. Just build a query, with a WHERE clause containing conditions for each selected checkbox, separated by ORs, and it will find matching items. See this thread for guidance on building queries, and passing them to the slot’s content finder.


Hi Andrew

Thanks for the reply. I get the theory and am testing this out with the example in the thread that you quoted.

I am having a seperate problem in that I do not seem to be able to set the parameters: $slotparams.template and $slotparams.query

OK I just realised that I missed the point about adding the $slotparams as a binding so they can be overwritten at the template level.

It appears to work! Neat!

Many thanks.