Auto-list Publishing after Updates

If I have an event auto-list asset that is placed on several pages, and the asset is updated(title change, new events added, etc…), does each page containing this auto-list have to be re-published to reflect the auto-list update?

You will not need to republish the page that the Page Auto List is on in order to see the changes. When an update is done to a page that is listed in the auto list, that update will show automatically on every Page Auto List across your site.

As an example, if you have a list of latest news articles (page auto list) on your home page and your news sections, and you go and update the Title of one of the news items and publish, both your home page and your news page auto lists will show changes without you having to republish them.

CM1 has no event auto-list. Do you mean a page auto-list? If so, you only need to publish the new or changed page, and it will automatically be reflected on any existing pages that have page auto-lists that would select that new or changed page you just published.

So, just to confirm, it is not possible to create an auto-list consisting of ‘Event’ assets?

No. Currently, there is no way to generate auto lists of assets using CM1. What you can do however, is build individual pages for each event and place those event assets on to pages. This way, you can automatically list, tag, categorize and track your Events (event pages).

The available Auto-lists are listed under the widgets section on The two current ones are Page and Image auto-lists. Information on both of these can be found below:

While there is an Event widget, there is no Event Auto-List. Information on the Event widget is here.