Automating Site Creation

We are planning on migration about 100+ sites that we have into Rhythmyx and I was wondering if anyone has implemented any automated process to create and setup sites (create Community, add generic content types, generic templates, generic menus,etc…)? Or maybe a wizard to allow users or administrators to select the appropriate templates and walk them through the setup?

Something that is a little more user friendly for administrators than workbench. Copy & pasting items and having to remove the unwanted relationships is a little frustrating.


Will you be using the same content types and templates across all communities and sites?

Do you have any communities that would manage multiple sites, or is it going to be one community per site?

Do you run development, pre-production, and production instances of the application? In other words, will you be using MSM?

What menus do you want to be custom to sites? I know there are some bundled with Rhythmyx that MUST be site specific, but we’ve managed to overcome that limitation either by in-house code or some collaboration with PSO.

Send me a PM. We can try to schedule a time to chat about your needs and see if what we’ve done at Virginia Tech might be of use to you.