back-end driver is null


i have copied an existing application in order to make a similar new application.

i have removed all references to my old table and and replaced it with my new table name.

however, when i try to start the application i get back-end driver is null.

i have checked and rechecked everything and cannot find the reference to the old table.

however, if i export the application to xml and search for the old table name it appears twice in a <tableAlias> tag. where can i find and remove this? i am using 5.7


sorry post stripped out the tag

the table name is appearing in a <tableAlias> tag within the XML

The xml file is stored in the Rhythmyx/ObjectStore folder on the server. You can remove the references to the old table in there. You can then re-open the application in the workbench, and add the new table as necessary.


fantastic - thanks Tim - my new app now starts