Basic Question on roles

I have a very basic question. May be I am missing something completely here.

I have two news users admin3 and qa3. When I log in as admin3 I see the user properties as follows and I can create new items and folders in my site.

role:Admin, Default, Report_Admin, USAGOV_Admin, Web_Admin

When I log in as qa3, user properties are as follows

role: Default, QA, USAGOV_Member

When I right click on the site, I do not see create new item or new folder options in the menu.

I made sure that usagov_nonadmin community has access to all the proper menu entires.

Is there something I am missing here? Small things really kill :slight_smile:

In order to create new items or folders, you need to have write access in the folder that you are creating them in.

Look at the folder access control (right click on the folder) and see what roles have write access.

Since Admin3 is in an “Admin” role, it can do most anything. If the user is in a role that is admin, the server doesn’t check access rights for most operations. It assumes that if you are an admin, you are allowed to do anything. (There are some exceptions, but for the purpose of this discussion, it’s close enough).