Best browser for Mac users

What is the best browser to use with CM1 for Mac users? I’ve been using Firefox, but it tends to bog down. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome, but the Preview button in the top right of the Dashboard won’t work in either one of those browsers. Ugh. Has anyone else had that problem?

Hi Cathy,

I know a few Mac users who are very happy using CM1 with Chrome. Chrome does handle preview pages differently than Firefox, however, in that if you already have a preview window open when you click preview, the new page will load into the existing window and will not jump into focus on your screen. This can make it appear as though the preview window is not loading, when in fact it is loading, it’s just that the window is hidden by other browser windows.

Thanks, Nathaniel. I went back and tried Chrome again, and discovered the pop-up blocker was enabled so that was stopping the Preview from coming up.

I really appreciate all your help!


Ahh, that will also do it. Nice catch!

I would love to have no pop-up (using script), just maybe new window/tab instead? It will work IMO