BEST UI for "Warning" message

Currently, there is no way of knowing whether someone is currently editing the page or not until you click “Edit” button to edit that page (where it asked you if you wanted to override the page or not).  This UI I created below is the best example. This will save us a lot of our time.

The red dot on two icons below are the best example - that way I know they’re currently editing the pages.

If I want to know who the person was, I simply click once on that file to find out who that person was.

So I can move on to next project and work on page as long as there’s no red dot.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for submitting this idea!  This is a great suggestion and we are going to monitor other community members thoughts and comments on this topic.

Does anyone else have any thoughts/comments on having a warning message appear when someone else is currently editing a page?


Thanks Court!

Any progress on this?