Better Percussion UI layout

Using my spare time, I came up with a better approach and feel. I thought I’d share with everyone else here… thought? feedback?

This is nice - I can see a few suggestions from the past from you and other customers in here. I appreciate the feedback and would be interested to know what others think. What do you like or dislike about the current UI or Aaron’s suggestion?

Here are a few of the issues I run into from my users (at 180 websites and 15 more are being added / migrated in from another server this month).Each website has 1 Editor and up to 3 Contributors:

  • The status of the item is not obvious to them.

  • They believe when they hit Resubmit, they have submitted the item

  • They see the “Last Published Date” under the status, and think this was when that specific item was published.

  • They do not understand once they open a page in Edit mode, they have checked it out and that Resubmit simply checks the page back in without them being required to submit it.

They have no problems logging, finding their websites/assets, feel comfortable editing and linking - but one concern was the small font size uses in the tree structure when linking to an image or file.

For me personally, I’d like to be able to select a link/image/table - and right there on the page, add a CSS class or ID, instead of having to go into the page source and add it.


  • No one uses the new HOME feature.

  • They all appreciate the method by which I receive submissions, and can see comments in the email I receive notifying me that I have an item to approve/publish.

  • The biggest request is a feature to auto-archive news off of a news page. Not sure how do do this if it is available.

  • They like the stability of the software, the ease of use (once they learn it) and the biggest plus is how I am able to code and build up their websites.

  • For me, I appreciate how easy it is to add someone to the system, permissions to site and Asset folders, code in the system, and make quick changes. I also appreciate how many ways I can add CSS to a page or design. The versatility is very unique and what all of us like most.

But for now, the majority of my troubleshooting is due to users not understanding the difference between the Resubmit and the Submit button, and that Resubmit does not send the item to me for approval/publication.

Training - I’ve found that with the amount of people I have to train, that it’s best to do a “Working Training” where they bring in edits/changes and make them at my desk with my monitoring them. They really seem to “click” better with this one on one.

Just quick “How To’s” - when they need to learn or for a refresher.

I also like your interface by the way but thought I’d add my input, since I have a small amount of technical users and large amount of non-technical users in our system.

Debbie, thank you! We really appreciate the input. I’m compiling a report on all the feature requests for the last quarter and I’ll be sure to include your comments.

+1 for the resubmit issue. The button actually is sending the page to draft status, but it should be sending it to review.

I see the Resubmit button as not forcing a user to either “keep the item checked out (Quick Edit)” or “force them to publish (Review)”. By checking it back into a draft status, they have that option of going back and working on it, or someone else working on it. 

The page/asset isn’t still checked out if they use the close button. “Resubmit” should do what it sounds like it should; Re-submit the page/asset for review.

Thank you ~ I never really noticed that… :slight_smile:

My mockup is 2 years old now :slight_smile: Any update on improving the UI? :wink: I’d be happy to provide my consultant service :smiley: