Binary contents of one folder are published in every incremental publishing job

All contents of one particular folder, nested quite deep within our site, are being published with every incremental publishing job. The published items are binary content types (the standard rffFile and our own image content type) so these aren’t auto index issues.

Every content item added to this folder since we upgraded to 6.7 (from 6.5) is being published with every incremental publish. This affects two different editions with two different content lists. Everything else in those editions is publishing normally.

It might be a feature of the community rather than the folder itself as at present this folder is more or less the only thing updated by one particular community.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Can you confirm that items with the same template, located in a folder other than the one in question, are a part of the incremental content list and are NOT publishing on every incremental?

Yes. Our images content list/edition has 25000 images that use the same templates but only the 1 image in this folder is repeatedly published.


Does the Revision History show the Content Item being updated frequently?


No, most items are on revision 2 or 3 and haven’t been touched for several weeks.

Doing some more in depth checking, I was wrong when I said it was everything that had been uploaded since we upgraded to 6.7. It is in fact everything that was uploaded on one particular day, July 14th, but still only in this one folder. Items of the same type, using the same templates, uploaded on that day but in other folders are not affected.


This sounds like a problem that will difficult to address effectively on the forums. I suggest you contact Tech Support for further assistance.