Blog back button pagination bug

We just added pagination to our blog in QA but we’re seeing some strange behavior:

  1. In Chrome, the pagination is rarely visible.

  2. In IE, it is visible, but here is the problem: if I click on page 4 for example it will take me to page 4 and will reflect in the URL. Then if I click on page 2, same thing, all is good so far. Then if I hit the back button , it takes me first to the landing page, even though the URL now shows page 4 like it should, and after about 10 seconds redirects me to the actual page 4.

Can anyone help me figure out the issue?

P.S. We’re using version 5.3.15

Thanks in advance.

Can you provide a link? It’s hard to test it out.

Sorry, Aaron, I completely forgot about this ticket. Here’s a link:

Thank you for looking into it.