Blog Issues

So i have a blog setup following the instructions online. Everything appears to show up okay in the editor and the preview… sorta. When I publish it gets worse.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


I currently have a folder structure as such.

Inside the dsu-blog folder is the index page for that blog. I had hoped originally that I could have a blog list display all the items in any of the various sub folders as it doesn’t seem manageable to have no filing structure underneath. Looking at the Blog gadget on the dashboard it confirms that is not the case as it only reads files that are in the same folder as the index file.In the root folder containing the index page there are 3 other blog entries. Those appear on the blog gadget.

In UI or Preview Mode:
-The Blog list widget is showing dozens of documents even though I have it set to show only 10 entries. I assume this is because it has not run through the DTS to display correctly.

Published File:
-Shows no blog entries on the page at all.


I really like the blog gadget for creating entries but the inability to organize entries into a file structure is not very useful. I created an archive page that I thought I could use to display a Page Auto List that would display all of the entries below it. This is also having issues.

In UI or Preview Mode:

  • It appears everything shows correctly in the Page Auto List

Published File:

  • Shows one entry that no longer exists on the published file server or in the UI



You are correct that the blog gadget does not allow you to create sub-folders within the blog. However, you can create folders in the finder and create blog pages via the “Add page” feature in the finder. That will allow you to place the page in the sub-folder you want and the Blog Index page will still show all of the pages in the sub-folders.  

Hey Dan,
This got resolved via a help ticket. For others reference, this was an issue that occurred with importing the items. There was one main folder that had all of the news items that I had on the old website. As they were not in the correct template I had copied and pasted content for the articles into new blog posts. The auto list was pulling those old items as well. As they looked nearly identical it was really confusing.

Got it worked out though!