Blogs and News Index Pages not Displaying on Live site

We are having an issue with our blogs and news index pages are not displaying when I click on their links in top navigation. However, if I select a blog or news story from the auto-lists on the home page or sidebars the blog/news post pages display. Jon was able to see the index pages for a second and then they disappeared. Seems as though there is an error and that an XML file needs to be edited (My understanding of Jon’s explanation). He sent the following solution, but our technology team needs your assistance.

*** Tomcat Servers ***
CM1 must know where to find all instances of your Tomcat servers. Edit the delivery-servers.xml file in the /rxconfig/DeliveryServer directory. Change the server name e.g. localhost:port in connection-url to the server name and port where the delivery services are deployed (for example,

Hi Heidi,

This does appear to be a configuration issue. I was on your site and, using Firebug, I was able to identify a connection error relating to your delivery services. I am going to create an internal support ticket for you so I can look over your XML files for you. Please check your inbox for that.


Thanks, Heidi. I have sent out instructions to Phil through our support system and copied you on that correspondence. I’m going to delete your above message for privacy reasons now that I have the correct contact information.

Excellent. Thank you.

The Auto-lists are not appearing now. This seems to be similar to our the blogs and news index page issue.

Can you check and see if anyone is currently working on your site through CM1, or possibly editing the configuration files? I’m still waiting on the configuration files myself, but it appears that someone else might have gone in and made some changes to your site.

IT tried the solution to our blogs/news issues. Appears to be the reason the Auto-lists are no longer visible.


Okay, well I am no longer seeing the connection errors from before. If your IT personnel were able to properly configure your server files, can you ensure that all your relevant pages (those in the blog and page auto lists) are in the Live or Pending state, and then run another full publish? If that doesn’t push your pages up, I will need to look over the files I referenced in our support ticket.


Hello Nathaniel, we republished to site. The problems were not resolved.

Thanks for checking that, Heidi. It appears your delivery services have not been fully configured. We plan to get on the line with Phil shortly to go over the full delivery tier configuration.

Just to close off this thread, Heidi’s DTS Tomcat server was fully configured on the call, and they encountered no additional issues with content in auto-lists disappearing.