Breadcrumb widget and non-navigation active sub-folders

I’m not exactly sure what is going on, but here is the situation.

We have several directories in our site which are navigation active (they show up on the navigation tree). In one of these directories we created a sub-folder that is NOT navigation active, and this folder has some html pages in it.

When we use the breadcrumb widget on those pages, we can see MOST of the navigation active directories as links in the breadcrumb, and we see a breadcrumb entry for the final navigation active directory… but it is NOT a link. What I’m trying to figure out is, why not? I know that since the page is in a non-navigation-active folder, this folder will not show up in the breadcrumb (and we don’t want it to… which is why we didn’t make it navigation active). But since the folder is a child of a navigation active directory, we DO want the parent directory to appear in the breadcrumb as a link.

Is there some setting I’m missing?

Just FYI, we have also turned on the “Show Page” option, and the actual page does also show up (not linkable… which is fine).

Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the Breadcrumb Widget. The widget is designed to assume that the nearest navigation entry represents the page that you’re currently on, and therefore it doesn’t make it into a link. I see how this can constrain the widget to a more limited use-case, so I encourage you to post an Idea topic on these forums requesting an additional check box to toggle whether or not the last breadcrumb entry appears as a link.

In the meantime, if all of the pages in question are in a folder one level above the main section, you could use jQuery to wrap the plain text in a link that points to the index page one level below:

$('.perc-breadcrumb li.perc-list-last').wrap('')   
}); ```

Interesting… and thanks for the quick reply, too!

I’ll look into that as a possibility.