Breadcrumbs issue


Here’s my scenario…
I have Content type A and associated Page template “PgA”. And also Generic content type with generic template “PgGen”. My Navigation is built like this in Content Explorer…

Folder 1
item 1 --> PgA
Navon item
Folder 1.1
item 1.1 --> PgGen
Navon item

In the published site…

My bread crumbs are as follows…

home > XX Landing Page > item1 Page > item 1.1 Page

From 1.1 Page, When i click on item 1 Page it’s not navigating to the appropriate page. Am i missing something here. But, When i click on XXLanding Page(created using Content type XX and PgXX), it navigates correctly to that page, which is puzzling me.

Any help is much appreciated.



Can you share your breadcrumb velocity code? You may want to use a service like or to share your code since the forum can be a nuisance at times.

The issue is fixed when i updated the Navon slot. Thanks Rileyw.


I’m glad you were able to get the problem resolved.