browser css cache busting on theme css update

When a theme CSS file, for instance [/web_resources/themes/2017/2017.css], is updated, visitors to our site won’t get a new copy of the CSS until they bypass their local cache by doing “shift F5” or similar for their browser/OS combination.  We don’t issue any Cache-Control headers on our Web server for these resources.  If we did, say for 1 hour, there’d still be a delay of 1 hour before browsers would request a new copy of the CSS.

To avoid this, a common technique is to change the URL when a new version is available, for instance adding “cache busting” query parameters to the URL, or changing the filename.  This technique is discussed in [… ].

Is there a way in Percussion CM1 to apply this URL technique to a Theme’s CSS?

Hi Jason

Our engineering team is looking into this request.  We will post an update as soon as we have one.