Bulk update of Community / Expiry & Reminder Dates - 6.7 package

Attached is a Package Builder archive of the XML apps and associated action menus to allow right-click > bulk update of content items.

One set for Community update, one set for expiry/reminder date update.

After deploying you’ll need to modify the action menu ACLs as appropriate, and go into the Visibility tab of the action menus to set the correct content types/roles and states for their use. By default (and recommended) these menus should only be available for content in an editable state. Also, don’t assign content types that don’t have both expiry/reminder dates included to the bulk date updater since it sets both of those. You can always easily modify the XML/XSL if you need to update different fields.


Bulk_update_content_item_dates_community.ppkg (22.9 KB)

I meant to say that the date updater is set to update the nextagingdate column with the reminder date you set. This in’t necessary I don’t think if you only allow the action to be performed on content in an editable state and it assumes the reminder date is prior to the expiry date. The update to that column can be removed easily in the update resource mapper but leave it in if you decide to allow the action to be performed against non-editable content.