Bulk upload issues - all files

Bulk upload issues - We’re not able to bulk upload content or files via the browser or from the server directly

Hi Joel,

Are you receiving an error message through the Bulk Upload gadget when you attempt to upload your files? If so, please post it up on here. Are you having this issue with a particular file or file type, or are you having issues with all file types (if you are uncertain about this, testing this would be very helpful)? Can you successfully upload assets by creating them through the Finder (in the Finder, select Assets, then your site’s folder, and then hit the “Create new assets” button to the upper right). Lastly, can you clarify what you mean when you can you cannot upload content "from the server directly”?



Hello Nathaniel,

This is what we see, we’ve tried the image and HTML option.

We are trying to grab all the content from our current site and import it into CM1.
I was able to make a new assets file and upload a file that way but I don’t think that’s what I’m after.

btw… there are a few of us sharing this account, my name is Brandon

Thanks for the help.


I can’t see from your screenshot, but I know a “Target folder” must be selected in the box above before the “Upload” button becomes active. Do you receive any errors in that same menu once a target folder has been selected and you click upload?


Thanks Nathaniel,

I believe this is what you’re asking.
No I see no errors, the blue bar doesn’t move.


Oh I apologize, I never hit the upload button. (didn’t scroll down to see it)
I’ve clicked it now and I just get an HTTP error when trying to upload an HTML file.
I was able to test and upload an image file just fine.


Thanks for testing that, Brandon. Now are you sure “content” is a valid element in your particular HTML file? Also, how many HTML assets do you plan on using on your site? An easier way to create shared HTML assets might be to use the method I described above (through the Finder) and manually copy and paste the specific blocks of HTML you would like to create as shared assets.