Bulk upload not publishing files

I just went and uploaded a sing file to my documents folder with the “Approve Asset” box checked and then added it to a page and published the page. When I went to click on the link on the page, it told me that the item was not available. I went and checked and my asset had not been published.

Hi Matt,

Did you happen to check if the asset got properly created in the Pending Workflow state upon uploading, before publishing the page that linked to it? Did you edit the asset (either through the page or through the asset library) before publishing the page? Thanks!

Check to ensure your file is not over file size. Also, when I edit a file and the replacement is over the file size, there is no error notice - and you find out when everything publishes.

Hey Nathaniel,
I just uploaded a file, checked and it was in Pending state but when I published the page, it did not publish the asset. I had to go back in after the fact and edit the asset and publish it seperately.


We may finally be closing in on a smoking gun here. What was the asset type, and what process did you use to link the asset to the page (linked through a Rich Text widget, added to an empty widget, etc.)?

The asset was a .PDF, .ZIP, and .JPG.

I added links to these items in an existing Rich Text Widget. All three files types were uploaded using the Bulk Uploaded on the Dashboard.

Hi Matt,

Were these all added as File asset types (rather than “Image” for the JPG file)? You can confirm by selecting the assets in your asset library and noting the “Type:” field in the properties box that loads to the right of the asset.

The JPG was added as an iamge and the other two were uploaded as files.

Hey Matt,

Content being linked to (assets or pages) through the “Insert / edit link” function in the Rich Text widget will not auto-publish when you publish the page containing these links. Image assets linked via the “Insert / edit image” function should auto-publish with the page, as will Rich Text and HTML assets on the page. Can you tell me how this JPG file was being linked in your Rich Text widget? Thanks!

I used the Insert/Edit Image to insert the image.

As a side note, i think it would be a great idea to have an additional checkbox on the bulk uploader that allowed you to automatically publish your content.


So the page published with a broken image reference? Did you browse to the image through the assets library, or did you manually input the image URL? Can you reproduce this consistently (add an image to a page through the RTE, confirm that the image is in Pending, publish the page, and end up with a broken image reference and a non published image)?