Bulk Upload UI confusion

Couple of observation about the new Bulk Upload. It is vastly improved over predecessor by a mile. If I don’t make any sense, please let me know.

#1 Target Folder

  • Make it where user can type in the URL instead of using the tree to find the folder destination (I use Finder to type in /Sites/www.sfcollege.edu/…)

#2 Start Upload

  • Make “Start Upload” button color more prominent than the rest.

#3 Clear All and Cancel Upload

  • Make it size smaller and different color. All look the same so it took me couple of seconds to identify which is the true call to action (Start Upload is the true CTA)

#4 Details

  • Make it expand by default
  • If the Details weren’t expanded by default, we wouldn’t know you have the ability to delete individual file which is handy.
  • This will be easy to identify the Type column in the detail table (more below)

#5 Size (column)

  • Change “Size” message like 100kb or 1.2 mb. No one will know what 1015113 is.

#6 Type (column)

  • This is handy but not sure about docx and xlsx which is very long wordings. Should be showing as docx instead to keep it simple.

#7 Title and Alt (column or in a row)

  • Add two input fields in there so users can easily type in there without going to /Assets/sf/… folder to find it. It is very difficult for them to go there.

#8 Delete button

  • Make the button color red, not the same color as the rest.

Thank you!