ca_search and default display formats


The Action Panel has a link ‘Open in Content Explorer’ that has this search:


It’s using a custom display format that my colleague created, called ‘Detailed - Single Content Type.’

I would like to use a different default display format for this particular search. But the confusing part is, when I look in UI Elements Design–>Searches, none of the existing searches seems to be using the ‘Detailed - Single Content Type’ as a default. So why is it the default here?

My goal is to change the default display format to another custom one.

Anyone have any clues?


Updating this to correct one thing. The search display format is actually just the default display format. It just didn’t look that way to me, because my colleague had given it the label ‘Detailed - Single Content Type’, for usability reasons.

So my issue is that when you click ‘View in Explorer’ in the Action Panel, the search result you get uses the default display format. I would like to change this to use a different display format.