Calendar Content Type

I am trying to convince upper management that Rhythmyx can handle calender and event content but they have their sights set on using/integrating a new system (Bedework) to handle this type of content. They like the “slice and dice” capabilities of the system as well as the calDAV features, which I have to admit are very nice but I really believe Rhythymx could do everything that this system claims to do.

Obviously users would need to log into another system in order to add events to this new system, it would need a new workflow process, and I am not sure how they are going to assign the groups. To me we have this all figured out in Rhythmyx but they aren’t giving me enough time to set up the calendar and event content types as well as play with with any calDAV options.

For those of you using the event and calendar content types, how are they working for you? Are there any features that your implementations are falling short of (in comparison to the bedework solution if possible). How hard was it to get the calendar content type working? I saw a bullet item for version 6.6 that claims calendars have greatly improved, any thoughts there?

I am currently using the event content type and I think the calendar and event content would go hand in hand with community/site content. There is also a relationship to the news content type that could be made through a manual slot, each sharing the same info, graphics, and pdfs. It just seems like a bad idea to break up the content by putting another system between. One more feature I was hoping to leverage was our soon to be finished Rhythmyx Personalization add-on, where we could deliver events based on a user’s profile.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue, for or against?