Calendar down after 5.2.5 update

I just ran the upgrade for 5.2.5 both for Percussion and DTS.  I followed the same steps that I always do but this time, the calendar will not populate afterwards.

Hello Matt,

Looking at your site, it does not appear DTS came back up.  

Can you verify DTS started after upgrading?  

If you did start DTS let us know - we will create a support ticket see what the issue might be.



DTS Service is started and running on the server.  However the page is not loading the contents.

Hello Matt,

I can see DTS is up now, but looks like the page is taking about 10 seconds to populate the calendar content.  

We will open a support ticket for this - we will want to start by requesting your DTS log files. 


DTS started and the Calendar does populate.  

We do not know if the delay in DTS is related to the upgrade.  If anyone experiences issues with their Calendar taking a long time to populate you contact Support so we can look more at your environment and log files.  

As a side not, unrelated to the upgrade or this issue:  We have submitted an improvement to have the calendar page populated with events in the source of the page; if DTS is down, the calendar will display events as recent as when the calendar page was last published (where now there are no events until DTS updates the page).