Calendar functionality questions

  1. Is there a way to get the mini calendar to link to the page for that date as does the full calendar?
  2. I have a full calendar that all other calendars will feed into. Is there a way to get the feeding calendars to display a different color heading in the full calendar?

Hey Lloyd,

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to come up a bit short with this one. The mini cal links to the full calendar to account for cases where you have multiple events on one day. This is the hard-coded behavior and can’t be modified. Additionally, when you apply a page to your full calendar as well as your separate calendars, the full calendar has no awareness of the fact that these pages are also assigned to other calendars, and therefore there’s nothing unique about them that would allow you to apply a different heading color to them. Sorry!


Don’t be sorry. I knew it was a shot in the dark.

One more question though about this: ‘The mini cal links to the full calendar…’. Does this mean that clicking on mini should go to its full-size calendar? It isn’t. If not, I don’t see a need for it right now. Just sayin’.

Hi Lloyd,

Yes, the mini calendar should link to the full calendar. It sounds like your calendar asset hasn’t been configured with a default full calendar page. To correct this, find your calendar asset in your Assets library (housed under /Assets/calendars/{calendar_name}), open it for editing, and then in the “Full calendar page” input field, browse to a live page containing the same calendar asset in the full calendar widget format. Note that many functions of the calendar won’t operate 100% until it has been published to a live DTS enabled environment.

Hi Lloyd,

I meant to circle back on this sooner, but the note I had made to do so got lost in the shuffle. With regards to item 2, you could actually use CSS attribute selectors to give these calendar items a unique background color.

To do this, the calendar event pages that you want to have display with a unique background color would have to reside in separate folders, such as and And then you could use CSS attribute selectors to select these items based on the folder path in their HREF values.

For instance, this rule would give all events that are present in the athletics folder a festive background:

a[href^="/calendar/events/athletics"].fc-event-skin, a[href^="/calendar/events/athletics"] .fc-event-skin { 
background-color: green; 
border-color: red 

Let me know if this will work in your case.

Hi Nathaniel,

I got lost in the shuffle this time. Thanks for this.

People are fussy abut their calendars it seems, so until I get a consensus I’m putting calendars on the back burner for now.

Thanks again,