Calendar not showing events in preview

Should it?

It works on the live site!



Yes it should. Our friends over at c2c actually are encountering this same issue. To rule out whether some piece of JavaScript might be interfering with the calendar (or another variable I haven’t yet thought of), one thing I think would be useful would be to create a blank template (using the Percussion “Plain” template), create a new page using this template, add a calendar widget to this page, and then simply give the calendar a name and save (making no other changes to the widget’s properties). With that setup, next create another new page using this blank template, assign it to the new calendar, and then refresh the blank calendar in preview to see if the event appears

Whether this works or not, it’ll rule out some possible causes of this issue. Thanks!

Good thinking! I followed your logic through and … it still doesn’t show!

Okay, that narrows things down. Thanks. Can you tell me what version of Percussion you’re running (I assume 3.1.6?) and what browser / OS combo you have been trying this on? If you’re able to, I’d be curious to know if you can confirm that the behavior is the same on different machines / browsers.

Hi Nathaniel, we are running Version 3.1.6 and testing on Mac and have tried the events calendar on Chrome, Firefox and Safari and events preview is not showing up at all.

Hi Peter,

I now have access to an environment where this error is also occurring, and I’m in the process of debugging the issue. It appears to be a scripting error of some kind, possibly being caused by external scripts that are interfering with the calendar’s scripts. I will update you when I have a better idea of how to resolve this.

We have determined that there is a bug where the calendar will fail to load events in preview if the customer’s CM1 server is set to use a non-US timezone. The published version of the calendar still operates fully using these timezones. I will update you both as we look into resolving this.