Calendar not showing up outside our network

I’ve noticed that no one can view our calendar from outside our university network.

Hi Matt,

It looks like you still have your server’s internal IP setup as your DTS connection URL, which you had configured while testing your servers. You need to follow step #4 in this doc to update this URL to the server’s public facing URL:

Let me know if you have any further trouble with this.

Mine is not showing either - and I read about this prior to our upgrade and figured it was mostly a configuration issue.

Now that we have the upgrade, would I follow the same solution as above?

Here is one calendar we have doing this:…

Hi Debbie,

Yes, it appears as though your DTS connection URL has not been configured at all, so you’ll need to follow a similar process. Because you’re publishing directly to a Tomcat server, the process will be slightly different in your instance. Here’s the doc you’ll want to send along to your team:

I followed step #4 and reboot Percussion but my calendar still can’t be viewed from the outside world.

Hey Matt, following up on our conversation, can you confirm that the calendar is now working after republishing your calendar page?

The main page works but my new event’s are not publishing out to the calendar.
I checked the page and they are setup correctly and I even checked the publish are to make sure no errors were occurring. I don’t know what’s going on.

Also looking around, I noticed that my RSS feed still doesn’t work after this fix. I have republished the page and the RSS link now reflects my domain name but it doesn’t work.

You can find the test page at

Hi Matt,

Is the behavior that the calendar page you’re publishing appears on the live server if you access it directly, but not on the calendar itself? Is there any chance this page was assigned to the wrong calendar? Also, can you link me to this published calendar page? Thanks!

I’ve double checked it and it’s associated to the correct calendar.

Calendar Page: http:/
Calendar Item:…

Thanks Matt,

As discussed on our phone conversation, I’ll look forward to receiving your DTS database though our support ticket, which I be able to look into and narrow down the source of this issue.

What do I need to do to get that to you?

Hey Matt,

My bad, it looks like it already came through. The ticket had gotten assigned to the wrong support rep. I have it now, and I’ll follow up through the support portal with my findings.

To close off this older thread, there was a simple misconfiguration that had been recently implemented in their environment that was causing the CMS to write meta-data information back to their local DTS instance rather than their live DTS server. After correcting this mistake, the calendar resumed populating with newly published event entries.