Calendar Widget Repeats Itself

Hi, we are having an issue with our Calendar Widget. It goes a week past than it should and it also repeats itself; below the first calendar, immediately starts the beginning of the same month calendar. Can someone help?

Hi Sarah,

The current date highlighted in the Calendar is pulled from the visitor’s machine, so I would first check and see if this same behavior is encountered on other machines. I may also be misinterpreting what you mean when you say that the calendar goes a week past what it should, so please clarify this piece if I am.

As for this widget duplication issue, is this calendar accessible anywhere on your live site, or is it internal only at the moment? If the former, please send me a link to this calendar so I can inspect the underlying HTML code. Otherwise, please share a screenshot of the page in the Layout tab so I can get a better idea of how this page is being structured. Thanks!

This was a screenshot from Friday. I attached a new screenshot that highlights the unnecessary “extra week”.

This is an internal testing page. Screenshot of Layout tab is also shown. Let me know what else you might need!

Thanks Sarah,

That clears things up. I notice that your calendar is not using the plugin’s default styling, so I’m wondering if some custom CSS rules may be to blame for the layout issues here. Had you been working on these custom styles, or was someone else? What happens if you create a new blank template (through Design, Actions > Add Template > Percussion Templates > Box > Save) and add your calendar to that template?

Hi Nathaniel,

It looks like that stopped the repeating but the extra week is still there. Any thoughts?

Hi Sarah,

It looks like we’re getting closer; this may still be a custom CSS issue. On this new “Box” template, toggle over to the Style tab, in the Select Theme menu, select the “percussion” theme, and save. Refresh the page with the calendar and see how it displays.

No problem. I have done so and saved. The new screenshot is the same look when I preview; still showing the extra week.

Hi Sarah,

Okay it looks like we’ve removed all custom CSS at this point. I just took a quick peek at an out-of-box instance of the calendar plugin and it appears that the calendar is hard-coded to display as a 7 (width) by 6 (height) date grid, to accommodate for longer months beginning later in the week (toggle over to Dec 2012, for instance). So at this point your calendar widget is actually displaying as it should.

Let me know if you have any trouble tracking down the CSS on the template you intended to integrate this widget on that had been causing the duplication issues.

Ah okay. Good to know!

I’ll make sure to let you know if I can’t figure the CSS issue out. Thank you!

Sounds good, Sarah!