Can dynamic assets (links, images, etc.) work with changing servers (just to publish)?


We have a development site completely separate from our live production site. We have a big re-launch to perform that changes everything (including navigation, page structure, css, javascript). We are thinking of perhaps building it in our development site, making sure everything looks good, then switching the publishing server for the launch to the production server. Would this work? Would the dynamic assets still work since they were built on one server but published to the live server?

Thank you!

Great point! Following…


In your deployment you have a development instance of CM1 and a production instance of CM1.  Each of those instances should have its own DTS for dynamic content.  If you want to create your new site entirely on your development instance and then make that your production site, I would recommend that from your development site you publish to a site such as When you are ready to launch the new site, update your DNS entry to have point to the workinprogress site and make sure it is outside your firewall.  Does that make sense?