Can I bulk upload multiple folders at once? (like a whole directory tree?)

Is it possible to bulk-upload an entire folder tree? I’ve got about fifty images in about ten different directories, and creating each directory individually takes forever.

I don’t have FTP access, or I’d do it that way.

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Great question, at this time using the Bulk Upload Gadget within Percussion can upload multiple files/images/etc. from one folder. One solution could be to move all your images/assets/etc to one folder and once bulk uploaded, move them to their respected folder in your filesystem.

You brought up a good point. I am curious how many of our customers would also be interested in this feature? If you could suggest it as a feature request. If it gains enough momentum we may be able to get it built into a future release.

Thank you for your input, let us know if we can assist with anything else.

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How do I submit a feature request?

In the mean time I will ask the design people to use a flatter folder structure for their next batch of images.

(And yes, I realize that this request amounts to “why isn’t Cm1 also an FTP client?” …)

To create a feature request, simply create a new topic on this forum of the “Idea” topic type. This will ensure that the thread is on Project Management’s radar, and it will allow other customers to lend their support. Thanks!

Done: Bulk Upload a Folder Tree