Can I change linking behavior in the mini calendar OR on the "day" display?

We have mini calendars on one page, and when a day is clicked, it takes you to the “day” page of the main calendar. That is working as expected - however. It is defaulting to starting at 6am, and when the event is at night - you are basically shown a blank page that looks broken.

So - can we either make it show the actual event - as in have the day page be smart and show you the time when the event is - or make the mini click through to the “month” view instead?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your question! I would like to clarify for you that when you click on the day it is not clicking the event. It will pull up the entire day’s worth of events. For this instance it may be one event, but for other use cases we assume multiple events on multiple days as well. It won’t take you to the direct event. Since the default starts the day at 6am, that’s why it’s occurring as such.

could you send a link to your live site where this is occurring…it might be a CSS issue, but we will verify when we see it!