Can I copy a page from Site A and put it in Site B?

I have two sites within my instance of CM1. I would like to copy some of the press releases I’ve created in Site A and put them into Site B.

Is this possible?

I know I can duplicate a page within Site A, and then drag it to any folder within Site A. But I cannot figure out a way to drag it into Site B. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Because of the current dependencies between pages and templates, you cannot copy a page into another site.

You can, however, create a copy of a template into another site and use assets across sites. You do this through Design > Add Template, by selecting the source site from the drop down. You then will need to create the page using the same assets you used on the other page.


No, you cannot copy a page from one site to another through the Finder. This is because pages are linked to templates, and templates are specific to their parent site. Therefore, as you experienced, you can only move pages to directories within the same site.

However, Assets are available globally in CM1, so your best bet would be to save your press releases as a shared asset, and then you can create a new page on your second site containing an empty Rich-Text widget (or another text-asset compatible widget). Once you’ve done that, you can find your new press release asset in Finder, and drag-and-drop it into the empty widget contained within your new page.

Here’s an overview on how assets work:…
Here’s an article on creating assets:…
Here’s an article on adding assets to a page:…


Understood that templates are specific to their site.

Is there any plan in the future of having a template that can work on multiple sites? (which may allow copying of pages from Site A to Site B without having to re-assemble the page)

Thank you both for your clarification.

There is discussion to add functionality to do this down the road. It’s not estimated for a release yet, though. This might make a good idea, however, to see how much demand there is for this.