Can I link an image in an image widget to a page?

I am working on a site that has a logo placed in an image widget. I’d really like to link that logo to a page on the site - but - I cannot seem to find a way to do this. Do I really need to put images in a rich text widget in order to use them as links? That cannot be…

Hi Robert,

Yes, an image asset must be housed in a Rich Text widget in order to wrap it in a managed link anchor tag. Of course, you could always give the image widget a unique class and use JavaScript to wrap it in an anchor tag, but I doubt that would be any easier than replacing your image widgets with RT widgets. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thanks Nathaniel - thats what I suspected.

I’ll swap out the widgets.

Where can I go to submit a feature request to make images linkable?

Robert, you can propose new features for future releases of CM1 by simply creating new topics on this forum of the “Idea” topic type.