Can we remove the "Screen tip" and "target frame" from the hyperlink dialog screen

In the ephox editlive we want to remove the “Screen tip” and “target frame” from the hyperlink dialog screen. We have used the editlive in Rhythmyx 6.7 version.
Is this possible to remove these options? Or Is there any way to do like that?

I don’t believe this is configurable, but you can check the documentation at There is an XML file (elj_config.xml) that controls the configuration of Ephox and many things are configurable, some are not, but if you look at the link above, you can see if is possible to do what you want.

I think he is correct you can only add/remove icons with that xml configuration file. There is no way to change the insert dialog. I think that dialog is part of the jar files for EPHOX.