can we use include statements to include asp pages?

Forgive me guys, I’m still new here, we’ve just started our implementation so I’m trying to learn.

Does anyone know if we can use an ASP include statement to include an external ASP script? OR if someone has another solution for me …

Basically on my global template I have a left column with some content that may change on a daily basis. My issue is that if we have to republish anything made to this column then every single page on our site will have to be re-published (since this column appears on all pages). SO I’m thinking if I can publish just that piece of the column to another page and then use an INCLUDE statement from ASP so my pages just grab that file, then I’m good… Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or does anyone have any other solutions I could try??


If you put the ASP code in your template, it will publish. If you put it in Ephox, it might get stripped out, depending on your configuration.

Ok so I’m trying to put a include statement in the template itself, so it looks like this

<!–#include file=“feedback.aspx”–>

However Rhythmyx is trying to parse that and I’m getting an assembly error. Is there any way I can get my ASP code into these pages without rhythmyx trying to parse them or anything??

Never mind I found the answer in a previous thread you had about asp. So I just needed to add the / in the include to escape velocity. So that’s working … Thanks.