Can you clone the CM1 percussion application server?

Our server guys seem to think that they can clone our application server, shut down our current cm1 application server and start the cloned server up and only experience a minimal service interrupt.
Have anyone ever tried this? Is it feasible? The one thing I am worried about is the SQL disconnect.
We are not actually moving the environment. We basically want to create a clone of our existing CM1 application server that, if for any reason our current CM1 application server should go down for whatever reason, we can boot up the clone and everything should function properly. These servers will not be running CM1 concurrently ever.
Reposted because I do not feel it was correctly answered.

Hello Scott,

We do not have one documented solution for this, but it may be possible. We should discuss more about your environment. I am going to convert this request to a Support Ticket where we can exchange some details about your environment.

We are working on a whitepaper for this type of request but it is not currently ready for our help site.


The answer to this is yes.
Our Percussion server(WB52) is a Virtual Machine hosted in our VMWare Virtual Infrastructure.
We stopped the Percussion service on WB52.
Opened vCenter, VMWare GUI and located WB52, right clicked on it and selected Clone server, entered a name for the clone(WB52 - Clone Test), entered some other values in VMWare. HA Cluster, Cluster 5, selected datastore to put clone on, verified ‘power on VM’ is unchecked.
The clone began and ran for roughly 20-30 min.
After clone finished, we shutdown the original WB52 and powered on the clone.
We tested CM1’s ability to come up.
It took a few minutes but CM1 finally came up and we were able to see all files/pages.
I could edit a page, but publishing threw an licensing error. The cloned server did not have an activated license associated with CM1.
At this point we stopped, convinced the clone test had gone as well as could be.
We shut down the server running the clone, started up our orig CM1 server and I was able to view the edits I made, publish, approve and edit perfectly fine.

The licensing may cause an issue but it is something Percussion could probably figure out.