Cannot read nav:url

I have a navtree content item in my site. It has items added to its nav_landingpage slot, and to its nav submenu slot. When I do read of the landing page display title using this code:

#set($title = $rx.codec.escapeForXml($node.getProperty(“rx:displaytitle”).String))
It works fine.

However, on doing a read to get the url of the item:

#set($landing_page = $node.getProperty(“nav:url”).String)
…It does not gives anything. Just gives # as its read value.

Any clues please??


There are a couple of situations where this might happen. One of them has to do with the site visibility of the the template the landing page uses. In Workbench, go to the page template that the landing page would use and go to the “Sites” tab and make sure your site is in the list.

I am having this same issue for only the “Home” link in by breadcrumbs, the others links work. The nav:url property outputs a #. The site visibility for the default template is set properly.