Can't get Calendar to show on page

Evidently the foundation.min.js was messing everything up. I commented it out and it is working just fine now. How do I add an RSS feed to my calendar?

I just created a News RSS feed but when I click on the link for the RSS I get the following message.

HTTP Status 404 - Not Found

type Status report

message Not Found

description The requested resource (Not Found) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/6.0.35

Hi Matt,

Are you linking to an XML RSS feed that you have created? Is this RSS feed housed as an asset in CM1, or is it located at an external location (on this or another server)? Are you able to manually navigate to the RSS feed successfully when not clicking through the link in CM1?


I know this is an old thread but after we configured my delivery tier a couple of weeks ago, my calendar won’t show anymore. I was looking through the code and it showed to be looking at the correct server address for the dt but still nothing.


Can you trace the traffic and request? For instance, if you load the page in FireBug, you can inspect it. Switch to the Net tab and enable the tracking. It will show all requests being made. Look for the ones pointing to your DTS address and see if the response is returning anything.

Additionally, you can click on the Console tab and look to see if any errors or messages are being logged.

Hey Matt,

Is the IP address of the server you are publishing to available to the public? If so, could you share the link to your Calendar page with me? I would like to take a look at what’s happening with the DTS connection to see if I can spot any errors. Thanks!

It isn’t My network admin has it only available on campus. The only portion open to the public right now is the IP address to Percussion.

I see, no problem. Were you able to follow Daved’s steps above of loading the page while the Net tab in Firebug is active to see if the DTS connection is throwing an error? If you’d like, we could try to setup a call tomorrow and I could look this over with you. Let me know if that would be helpful.

I loaded it and nothing is showing an error in firebug. If you wouldn’t mind doing a remote session, that would be great.


Sure, I will setup a support ticket for us, through which we can identify a time to look this over. Please check your inbox for the notification shortly.

Hey Nathaniel,

I know you help me setup my calendar on my servers and we used the local IP address. Is there a way that I can change it to use the outside IP address to my website? We have an app being developed for us that want’s to use the RSS feed but they cant get to it from the url that I have.


One way to do this would be to bind your server’s public IP address to your CM1 site in IIS, and then take the URL that the RSS feed icon generates and swap the internal IP address for this public IP address. As long as the request goes through your IIS server, the proxy setup we have in place should redirect IIS to the DTS feeds service no matter what root domain or IP address you use to connect to your IIS server.

Obviously the steps to properly make your site accessible to the public will be different from this, but this should work to keep your site mostly under wraps while still allowing you to share this feed with your app developers.


How do I get a RSS feed for my calendar? Is there an option for that?

Hi Matt,

There is no way to directly generate an RSS feed based off a certain calendar (although this sounds like a great Idea to post up) – at the moment, only Auto-lists and Blog lists can generate RSS feeds based on their content. That said, if all of your calendar’s event pages exist within a few common folders (e.g. Sites/ or use a unique template(s), then you could configure an Auto-list that pulls in only these event pages, and then create an RSS feed based on this Auto-list.

Thanks Nathaniel. I remember that now but I will definately make an idea post for that.

When I added the AutoList and then set everything up on it, it looks fine but when i press the RSS feed button, I get an error of 404 Not Found. Any ideas why? I did a full site publish last night after I created the page and added the widget.


That’s odd. The full site publish should have added the RSS feed to CM1’s RSS queue, which is triggered to get pushed out to your DTS Tomcat once every minute. To test whether the RSS feed did not get properly queued, please edit the contents of the Auto-list, deselect “Enable RSS feed” under Meta-data, save, and then publish that page out individually.

Next, simply reverse the process: reselect “Enable RSS feed”, save, and publish the page individually. Wait a couple minutes for the RSS feed to be queued and push out, and then attempt to access the feed. Let me know if it appears, or if it still comes back with the 404.

Okay, I did what you said and I waited 10 minutes before viewing the page and I’m still getting a 404 error.

Matt, as this might be related to a known issue, I wanted to fork this problem off into it’s own topic so that it will be easier for other customers to track down, if they’re dealing with the same problem. Please reference the new topic here: New RSS feed give 404 error

Thanks for testing that. As this might be related to a known issue, I have forked this problem off into it’s own topic so that it will be easier for other customers to track down in the future. Please reference the new topic here: New RSS feed give 404 error