Can't select results page in tags widget

Hey there,

I’m trying to configure a couple of tag widgets for some blogs we’re starting, but in both cases I don’t have the ability to choose a Results page within the widget. When I click the Location drop-down, “Sites” is my only option; when I click the link, nothing happens.

I already have pages set up for both blogs that include Results widgets.

So, uh. Help?

Forgot to mention: We’re running version 5.2.1; I’m on Firefox 42.0.

Hi Brian,

I believe that ‘Sites’ is the only available drop down for this feature.  Try double clicking the site as opposed to single clicking; you should see more available options from there.  Let me know if that works or not.  Thanks!


Curse that double-click. It’s the bane of my existence.

… and it totally worked, so thank you!