Cascading Content

It would be very helpful if we could cascade content. What I mean, if I include an asset on page 1, it would be great if I had the option to have that same asset appear on the children page as well without having to manually load the asset onto each page or to create a new template.

The key here is to figure out why one page is a “child” of another. Right now, the template is the “parent” and all pages based on it are children of that template.

For cases like this, we’ve thought of doing something similar but using templates still. Specifically the feature ideas are:

  1. convert a page into a template and/or “copy region (widget/content changes) back up into template” in both cases this might modify the existing template, or create a new template.

  2. switch the template that a page uses - switching templates allows some pages to use the new changed template, but all the other pages can continue using the old template. this is useful for this case and many more cases where a new behavior is desired, but only on some pages that use the current template. This might be a bulk action offered in a Gadget if necessary.

With these, you could prototype template changes on one-off pages, then propagate that into a new template, then switch pages that you want to be a child of that prototype to use the new template.

There are some other related ideas, but I’d like to hear whether this would meet the need. If not, how you’d want to associate a child page to a parent.