Changing database repository - BUG 6.5.2?

Hi there we have recently migrated our database and Rx file tree to a new sever location and followed documented steps to rename the Rx database rpository.

However there appears to be a fixed reference for certain applications to the PSX_ACLS database table and this is pointing to the wrong database repository and so the applications fail to initiate.

Can someone please tell me where this reference is set. It is not a string in the file tree as I have run several searches… so is it encrypted? or by some strange twist a database entry itself?

Help most appreciated as I am extremely confused and frustrated!!!

Hi Daniel

Have you updated the reference in the following files:






We have managed to move the database. The trick, for us, was amending hardcoded database names in 6 of the 9 views that Rhythmyx creates within the database. This is on Oracle 10g - YMMV if you are using SQL Server.

We have tried and failed to move the Rhythmyx tree. Due to unidentifiable problems we gave up and installed all our Rhythmyx systems on the same locations on each of our servers.

BTW, other files in the Rhythmyx root you might like to check include:



Hi Guys

Thanks for your responses. We are using SQL Server and I have checked the views that Rhythmyx creates and don’t see any DB references in any of the columns.

We followed all of the instructions in the How to Move a Rhythmyx 6.x Environment and have been sucessful in moving the tree and database but only when the source and target database have the same name. This has been our work around so far but will cause problems when we want to transfer a developed version of Rhythmyx to a location and databse that have different names.

Yes we edited all of the files you mention and know that it worked in part as the majority of our applications including Contnt Types started successfully. The applications that don’t start are all part of the Rhythmyx core and seem to relate to user security in some way.

We just ran into this same issue and had to drop and recreate all the views because they were referencing the old schema name.


While on topic, but not completely related, I did discover a problem in 6.5.2.

If you user the Server Admin Tool to change the database port, it does update <rhythmyxRoot>/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rx-ds.xml, but it does not update <rhythmyxRoot>/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/WEB-INF/config/spring/install-beans.xml .

I’ll be filing a ticket with Technical Support, but thought I’d mention it here.


The file you are referring to, /AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/WEB-INF/config/spring/install-beans.xml, is only used by the Rhythmyx installer and does not need to be updated by the Server Admin Tool as it is not used by the Rhythmyx server.