Changing My Live Chat Button and Source Code

I need to update my live chat button and the source code. The live chat button is within a shared asset called Header. The button is rendered via HTML, but the source code is a javascript. Not sure how to combine these two. My be easier if someone remoted into my CM1.

Hi Heidi,
Does the live chat code need to be changed due to a change in vendor? Or is the code not functioning?

It needs to change because we integrated LiveChat into the SF cloud

We input the code and the button rendered, but Live agent wouldn’t open. Now the button won’t render. Frustrated.

Hi Jon
Can I send you the code I’m referring to. We want to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Many thanks


I have created an internal support ticket through which we can take a closer look at the code you are working with. Please check your inbox for that.


Hello Nathaniel

Thank you. I received the internal support ticket. Anxiously waiting your reply.

Thanks again!

Heidi, I had sent a message through the support ticket when I created it requesting the code you are working with here. Did you receive that message? I haven’t got a response from you yet.

I saw the email, but can’t login to see the details of the ticket.



Heidi, I reset your password for the support portal and emailed you instructions on how to access that. Once we sync up on there it will be easier for Jon and I to troubleshoot this.

I uploaded a file with the code

Hello Nathaniel. I updated the case. SF and one of our support analysts were able to render the button and connect to Live Agent. SF sent me back to you.

To close off the loop here, the inconsistent behavior of this issue was caused by the fact that, the way the LiveAgent JS code was configured, the live chat button was set to hide when no support rep was logged into the system. We were able to reconfigure their JS code to force the live chat button to render regardless of whether a support rep was logged in or not, resolving the problem.