Changing Site Navigation Section to a Folder

Is there a way to move a section and its folders out of site navigation without deleting it permanently?

Hi Alanda,

Unfortunately, there is not such a toggle feature for folders created as sections. If the navigation section you are attempting to convert into a plain folder is not too large, the easiest way to achieve your goal might involve a process of recreating your section structure manually in the Finder, and then dragging your existing page files over to this new location.

To do this, rename your existing section, create a folder with the original’s name, and then create child folders within this folder which match the structure of your original section. Once you’ve done this, next create copies of all of the section landing pages in your old section (because section landing pages cannot be dragged), and then, one-by-one, drag your pages out of the section and place them on the same level as both the old section and the newly created folder. Once a page is there, expand the newly created folder structure and drag and drop the page into place (you will need to edit all copied sections landing pages so that they aren’t appended with “- Copy” in their names). Repeat for all pages in the section.

Once you’ve moved everything over and verified that the manually created folders and pages are all there, you can go ahead and delete your old section.

If this process would be too time consuming to be really feasible in your case, you might consider creating a topic on here of the type “Idea” requesting such a section conversion feature for a future CM1 release. Our Product Management team actively monitors and takes into consideration all “Idea” topics posted on this forum.