Changing sys_suffix site wide

At the moment we’re publishing .jsp but would like to change that to .html.
Modifying the CONTENTSUFFIX field of each item doesn’t do it. What I think I need to do is change sys_suffix. Does this live on a table somewhere?


Surely you just need to change the location schemes for your publishable content types? That is where the .jsp .html .jpg .pdf etc. suffixes are assigned to publishable content types.

Go to the Publishing tab in the Content Explorer and select Contexts by name, then select Publish… that should bring up a list of all Content Types that have a location scheme, and you can edit all page-generating CTs to output .html as the suffix.


Thanks, Cara.
In our location schemes we’re using


which is why I need to change this globally in the database.

I suppose I could just change this to “.html” but it would be nicer to be able to do this properly.

I think the values of the sys_suffix field are stored in the CONTENTSUFFIX column of the CONTENTSTATUS table in the repository database.

At least, there is a thread that says the values of the sys_title field are stored in the TITLE column of that table:

I though the same so I changed this in the database for one item and republished it. No change.
Then I un-hid this field on the content item, changed it in the content editor, and re-hid it again. The item published with the modified extension. But the CONTENTSUFFIX field remains the same.
It seems to me then that this is being pulled from elsewhere.


I see now that the CONTENTSTATUS table does not even have a REVISIONID column. The CONTENTSTATUSHISTORY table does have a REVISIONID column, but that is not where the sys_suffix is stored.

I’m stumped. I’m curious where these “sys” values are stored though. It is easy enough to find the values for shared and local fields.


Workbench > Content Design > Content Types Global Configuration

You’ll find sys_suffix there, and you can change the default.

Although, I would say, Location Schemes are your friend and give you more granular control over how individual content types and their various templates publish out.


I ran some tests similar to what you ran, but I got different results. My results confirmed that the values of the sys_suffix field are stored in the CONTENTSTATUS.CONTENTSUFFIX column.

I have a content type similar to rffFile where the sys_suffix field is used by the location scheme to generate the published file’s extension. I changed the value of the sys_suffix field for a file item, and the value in the CONTENTSUFFIX column was changed accordingly.

I also changed the value in the database for a file item. When I re-published the item, it was published using the new extension. The file with the original extension, however, was not removed, so the file existed on the web server with both extensions.

Note: It appears that Percussion does not store values of the “sys” fields for previous revisions. After changing the sys_suffix value and moving the item back to the public state, I chose “View | Revisions” for the item, and all revisions showed the latest value for the sys_suffix field.


Yes, I agree. I re-ran what I did and got exactly the same results that you saw. I can only assume that I made a mistake somewhere last week and wasn’t seeing what I thought I was seeing.