Changing the template used by existing inline snippets

I don’t suppose there is a way to modify the hardcoded references to the template used to assemble items that have previously been added into Ephox EditLive controls as inline templates? Checking the Code tab, I can see that this is stored in an attribute called sys_dependentvariantid. But that is stored in CLOB fields scattered in various tables in the database, so cannot be fixed en masse.

It seems that, although the relationships created when an author adds a item as an inline template are stored in the PSX_OBJECTRELATIONSHIP table, changing the VARIANT_ID for the relevant rows does not change the template used to assemble the item. That is still determined by the above mentioned sys_dependentvariantid attribute hardcoded into the CLOB fields. Or am I mistaken/missing a step?



With the aid of Oracle’s REGEXP_REPLACE function I’ve managed to fix this. But it would be better if the same info (which template to use when assembly inline slots) wasn’t stored in two places (the PSX_OBJECTRELATIONSHIP table and inside the sys_dependentvariantid attribute.