Chrome issue: Can't scroll to see entire modal on template -> content -> Meta Data

I’m running Version 2.6.0 Build 201205R01 (105) in Chrome (20.0.1132.57 m).

I’ve created a new template and clicked on the content tab. From there I clicked Meta-Data.

I cant scroll down to Cancel or Save the modal.

I went through the same steps in Firefox (v. 13.0.1) - and I was able to scroll down, so I think this is an issue with Chrome only. If you have enough screen resolution, you can still resize the browser window to get to the cancel / save buttons.

Not a big issue - only a problem if you’re “married” to using chrome *and* have a small screen.


You’re right, with CM1 2.6, in certain browsers and in lower resolutions, the Template Meta Data window would expand beyond the user’s viewable area, making it difficult to manage. This has actually been resolved in CM1 2.7 – the Template Meta Data window now defaults to a smaller size and to always have a vertical scrollbar present, solving the usability issue you have outlined.


Just an FYI for everyone still using 2.6:

The vertical scrollbar was still present within the CM1 instance in the browser (far right in the screenshot above) - though nothing happened when clicking on it or (any attempt to be) dragging it downward.

I’ll work on getting this system upgraded to 2.7 to take advantage of these fixes.

I still get this issue even on 3.2. I’ve seen this in chrome, and haven’t tried in other browsers. Usually happens after I’ve clicked the additional code expander, as it increases the height of the dialog modal down past the page an doesn’t give a scroll bar to scroll down (can’t see the cancel or save button).

Right now I zoom out until I can see the buttons, though this is not a great workaround.

another work around is to manually resize the dialog modal until it gives a scroll bar prior to clicking the additional code expander. when done in this way, the scroll bar is still shown after expanding the additional code.

Paul, what’s your screen resolution?

1920 x 1080. we’ve also seen this issue with users on their laptops, though not sure of their resolution.

That’s surprising; you should be fine with a vertical height of 1080px. Is this only if you have the browser window minimized? Can you share a screengrab of what this looks like?