Clone failing - failed to get site/folder id

Has anyone come across the following clone failure error?

2009-10-05 16:00:04,673 ERROR [com.percussion.cms.handlers.PSConditionalCloneHandler] Failed to get site and folder IDs for item: <PSKey CONTENTID=194565 REVISIONID=-1 >

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Path: /[en-us] MSC Odour Remediation - must start with ‘//’.

Are you sure that the item/folder that you’re translating isn’t orphaned? Can you translate any other folder/item on the same level?

Yes there are other folders at the same level that are being published successfully. I have tested other sites and it is throwing the same error - the cloning gets through quite a bit of content first though - up to 800 items on occasions.

It sounds like you’re translating entire folders at once, which could increase the possible points of failure by several times for each item in the directory. I recommend submitting a support ticket, b/c it may take some time to flush the actual cause out.

This has now been logged as an issue as it is the result of a patch being installed.