CM System Patch for Version 7.2 build 201208R01 (Patch id:720_20140131)


The latest patch for version 7.2 is available and can be downloaded using the links below.

Read-Me for reference:

Rhythmyx Patch for Version 7.2.0 build 201208R01

Patch id: 720_20140131

Patch Install Toolkit version: 1.0

Patch Installation:

  1. Shutdown or close all Rhythmyx applications (server, workbench, etc.).

  2. Install the Rhythmyx Patch Install Toolkit by extracting to {installation root}.

    If you do not have the toolkit, contact Percussion Software Technical Support to obtain it. If the toolkit
    is already installed, go directly to step 2. The toolkit is installed if the following directory exists:
    {installation root}/Patch/InstallToolkit.

  3. Extract into {installation root}/Patch.

  4. Go to {installation root}/Patch/720_20140131 and run install.bat (Windows) or (Unix) in order to install
    the patch. Uninstall.bat/.sh can be used to uninstall the patch. On Unix systems, the user must have execute
    permissions in order to launch the shell script(s). During both install and uninstall, the following warning
    message will be seen in the console:

    “Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in {installation root}\lib ools.jar.”

    This message is expected and can be ignored.

  5. See “Additional Configuration” for manual steps which may be required after installing/uninstalling the patch.

Changes In This Release

  • Some image and css files required in rx_resources/ephox are now forced in place, they may not have been automatically copied from sys_resources/ephox on upgrade.
  • Fixed issues where sys_folderid or sys_siteid exist in preview url without a value.

Change List

B-01480 - Added check to see if sys_siteid or folderid is null or blank string, if so it is set to null.

B-01471 - Patch config changed to include ephox images and rx_ephox_html5.css in 7.2 patch

Previous Patches

Fixes Included:

D-01330 - Taxonomy not supporting accent characters
D-01389 - In IE Content Explorer page gets loaded in Quirks mode by default
D-01390 - is incorrectly identified as in the readme
D-01400 - Publisher API not passing isRemoval flag
D-01409 - sys_publish equals publish when unpublishing an item
D-01410 - Unpublish failing to do removal when Assemble Item For Unpublish is selected
D-01411 - Moving item to a different site does not update sitID in relationship if the item exists in a site as well as a staging site
D-01393 - Resolved error when linking to items under //Folders
Adding templates to slots from under //Folders structure was causing an error. It is still an error if we are attempting to generate a location to one of these items
e.g. using rffSnTitleLink as the item does not have a publishing location within the site, but a reference to a callout stored in this structure e.g. rffBrief items or
external link items would be allowed now.

Fixes Included from Patch B-01384:

TK-01924 Updates for Java 7u45
Oracle added further changes to the security model in Java 7u45 requring developer changes to the packaging of applet code. This update
addresses these issues and removes security warnings caused by the changes. The required chages are incompatible with changes required since
Java 7u21 to remove warning dialogs. Unless the client JRE is updated to update 45 these warnings will return with this patch to users
currently using older JRE versions since update 21.

		As with previous version since Java 7u21 users may still see a dialog from the Publisher PERCUSSION SOFTWARE and when accessing the Editor form 
		from Ephox Corporation.  These will warn the following
		"This application will run with unrestricted access which may put your computer and personal information at risk.  Run this application only if you
		trust the location and publisher above"
		This warning is now required for the applets to function and communicate with the browser via Javascript.  
		If the user selected the checkbox against "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above" they should not see these dialogs
		We recommend that all customers update to this Patch and Java version to take advantage of the security fixes Oracle have added in this release.

Fixes Included from Patch B-01328:

B-01321 Preview is not passing additional HTTP Parameters
Extra html parameters set up in workbench for Menus are now passed through to preview url making them available to template.
D-01226 Adding a field to Contact Content type - Workbench Freezes
Adding and Removing fields no longer causes entire content table to be copied. Changing field datatype will still clone
and recreate table. A warning is provided as this can take a long time for large content tables and those containing binaries.
D-01256 System validates for email id for notification even if notification is not enabled in workflow transition
Email address for all uses in transition role was being retrieved from LDAP even when no notification was being sent.
D-01189 Patch for folder and site ids improvements and fixes
See Additional Configuration
D-01298 Error in assembly is not causing publishing failure
Some errors in assembly were not triggering failure of page to be published and error message would be delivered.

###Additional Configuration:

B-01299 and D-01189
In an item link relationship, this patch will resolve site and folder ids appropriately even if these ids are
incorrect or if they are not selected from EditLive content browser. The system can automatically resolve any broken
links based on item location in the folder structure, information from the current page being assembled, information
from the include folder and site selected in EditLive content browser.

By default this feature is disabled. To enable add autofixFolderSiteIds=true property in 
Root/rxconfig/Server/ file.

This new feature allows the system to resolve the link path based on several criteria:

1.	Only one item: If an item is in only one folder in the entire system this feature should always link to only that 

2.	One or more copy of an item: If a copy of an item is created using copy as link, the system automatically 
	calculates the right item version to link to even if the include folder or site was not selected in the content 
	browser.  If include folder or site was not selected, the system will assume that the link is to the version that is 
	in the closest folder path. Please note that for some unknown reason if such links are still broken, recreating the 
	links by including the folder path in the content browser will ensure that the correct version of the item is linked.  

	Example use case: The original version of an item is in the local site, but you want to link to the copy of this 
	item from another site.

3. 	Multiple sites with same folder path: There may be cases where more than one site is configured pointing to the 
	same folder path. Such sites configurations allow publish the same site content to multiple servers like staging, qa 
	or production. If you currently have this setup, turning on autofixFolderSiteIds feature will log errors to indicate 
	that additional configuration is required. If this feature is enabled in the system and with multiple sites referring 
	to same folder path, we now need to decide the default site and configure rest of the site in groups.  For example, 
	in a Staging and Public sites setup where both configured from same folder path, the public site would be the default 
	as that is the site to which the item will be linked if no site information is provided and staging site need to be 
	configured as site group. There default site must not be configured. The sites not configured in groups are treated 
	as default sites. The site groups are configured using siteGroups.<groupName>=<siteid>[,siteid] property in 
	Root/rxconfig/Server/ file.  For example if staging site id is 305 then in file to 
	create staging site group you need to have siteGroups.staging=305.  In case of multiple staging sites in the system, 
	separate the site ids by comma as siteGroups.staging=305,307.

In content type editor, the warning message dialogue to prevent table cloning on field deletion will be displayed only if upgraded workbench is used. The workbench can be upgraded using below link.

Fixes Included from Patch B-01299:

D-01189 Patch for folder and site ids issues

Fixes Included from Patch CMS-522:

CMS-503 Adding an editlive field into a group in a content item breaks the inline links/images/templates

Fixes Included from Patch CMS-475:

CMS-472 Java 7u21 changs security model causing extra warning dialogs.
CMS-491 Failed Translate can remove items that were previously translated.

This version is required to resolve warnings with
Java 7u21. This version provides a different mechanism to enable the editor region
Instead of double clicking on the editor, each editor has a preview and design tab at the bottom (as well as code, if enabled in the config)
Clicking on design should open the area for edit. The width value in the control properties can also now be set to 100% to use
the full editor width if required

###Additional Configuration:
If you are using a custom version of the sys_EditLive control you will need to change or revert this to work with
the new ephox version. You will need to sync any changes with the version now in sys_resources\stylesheets\sys_Templates.xsl
There are a couple of changes to the configuration also. If the configuration is being loaded through the sys_Ephox_support xml application
The system file sys_Ephox_support/configfix.xsl will be overwritten with this patch. Custom changes will be overwritten
as can happen with any system file.

	The contents of the elj_config.xml will be dynamically modified with the changes to the config structure 
	and should work without change.  
	You should can also change the source file to match the new structure to keep this consistent.
	Config changes:
	Elements called customshrtMenuItem should be renamed customMenuItem.  
	plugins element should contain <plugin name="spelling" /> to enable spell checking.

Fixes Included from Patch CMS-437

CMS-447 - Cancel Publishing taking a long time and Locking up Publishing Design Tab
CMS-366 - Publishing Performance issue after 7.2 upgrade
CMS-442 - Security error on Administration applet due to combination of signed and unsigned jars
CMS-395 - Full Text Indexer never removes documents that error from it’s queue
CMS-396 - Full Text Search Indexer causes “GC Overhead Limit Exceeded” when encountering large numbers of indexing errors (This was an optimization of the process. There may still be issues with large documents. The indexing has been improved, but until the version of Lucene is upgraded there may still be issues.)
CMS-433 - Webservices fileupload does not set source filename and content type preventing files/images from being processed

###Additional Configuration:

CMS-433 - WebServices was not passing the content type or filepath for the sys_FileInfo and sys_imageInfoExtractor() extensions to process the uploaded file in the same way as a file uploaded through the editor form. Some customers may have been setting these fields explicitly on the item uploaded. If the filepath is now set explicitly on the image the file processing will now be done correctly. This change is required to make the PSOThumbnailGenerator to work correctly through WebServices. If this filepath is set the other supporting fields eg. _filename _size, _height etc. will now be generated automatically.

The following shows an example of setting the path based upon the original file, The filename could be set to any value. The server strips of any path parts to create _filename.

       DataHandler handler = new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(file));
       AttachmentPart part = new AttachmentPart(handler);

Fixes Included from Patch CMS-417

CMS-366 - Publishing Performance issue after 7.2 upgrade
CMS-388 - In 7.2 create new item menu item throws exception if no file or no navon items in the system
CMS-389 - In 7.1 and 7.2 exception occurs when user tries to rename toplevel folder with Navtree item in it
CMS-367 - Error in the server log while adding pptx, xlsx, docx files to the CMS
CMS-139 - Incorrect menu options for “drag and drop” context on items from different communities
CMS-172 - Expired Java Certificates in 7.1 and 7.2
CMS-426 - External Jars have expired certificates

###Additional Configuration:

CMS-367 - Update Rhythmyx\rxconfig\Server\ file with Microsoft office xml mime types


Apache Tika is now being used for text extraction. The extra libraries may require you to increase the PermGen size to
256m in RhythmyxServer.bin.lax(Unix) or RhythmyxServer.lax(Windows) file in the root Percussion folder. Search for
MaxPermSize and change the setting e.g. --XX:MaxPermSize=256m

Fixes Included from Patch CMS-378:

CMS-369 - 7.2.0 MSM Workflow Archive Issues - Can’t create archive with workflows
CMS-374 - Improve performance of binary items by using load Minimal
CMS-375 - Large taxonomy trees load slowly on 7.2 compared to original taxonomy code
CMS-376 - Content Browser Pops up behind content explorer in ie 8,9

Fixes Included from Patch CMS-318::

CMS-301 - Translation of folder containing folder already translated causes original translated folder to have multiple parents.
CMS-298 - PSOThumbnailGenerator failing with WebServices Image save
CMS-297 - Removing sys_folderid from content list queries throws error
CMS-290 - Turning on log4j Debug in WebDav causes file contents to be lost
CMS-270 - Field validation error when uploading item through webdav throws error message saying Content-Type header not supported
CMS-289 - Extensions and validations need a way to identify an item change request has come from WebDav to prevent item from failing to update
CMS-266 - Post-upgrade issue, list of templates do not get filtered by community
RX-16093 - Workbench taking minutes to load 1st slot
RX-16094 - MSM takes minutes to load Table Schema node
RX-16358 - Validation rules do not work with child tables
CMS-288 - jexl function for assembling slot contents assembling items twice

###Additional Configuration:
CMS-298 - You can now turn off validation for fields in the case the item is modified through WebDav. This allows an item to be created but require a user to modify the field later.
This is done by passing a html parameter sys_client=WebDav that can be picked up in the validation. To prevent validation on Field Validation select the Prerequisites button and add a conditional where Single Html Parameter sys_client “NOT LIKE” the Literal WebDav.

CMS-266 - Templates in the Content Browser in 6.7 used to be filtered by community if this is required now an entry contentBrowserFilterTemplatesByComunity=true should be added to Rhythmy/rxconfig/Server/ (The fpath fixes this bug only on IE.)