CM System Patch for Version 7.3 build 201306R01 (Patch ID: 730_20140911)

The latest patch for version 7.3 is available and can be downloaded using the links below:

Changes In This Release

  • Fixed the issue with the session warning, where the warning window would not show or would disappear very quickly and the session would just refresh and not time out.
  • Fixed the issue where only one input transform rule would apply for any field in a content item.
  • Fixed the issue with the close button which would not warn for the dirty Ephox field.
  • Fixed the issue where the child table would display the tinymce editor only in the first row.
  • Fixed the issue where the audit trail of a content item would not display the first check-in action.
  • Fixed the issue where an incorrect job id is sent in the notification email when multiple editions are running.
  • Fixed the issue with the ad hoc notification window, which was too small in size.
  • Now supporting JRE8u11.

Change List

R-01044 - Session Warning and session doesn’t time-out in Firefox and Chrome.
R-01069 - Only one input transform rule applies for any field value.
D-01972 - Close button does not warn on dirty Ephox field.
R-01070 - TinyMCE: will not display all content of child table field sets.
R-01058 - Audit Trail is not logging when the item is first checked in.
R-01059 - Incorrect publishingJobID sent in notification email with multiple editions running.
R-01071 - Ad hoc Notifications window size is too small for usability.
R-01078 - Rhythmyx support for JRE8u11.