CM1 Dynamic Variables

i’d love to see CM1 make some dynamic variables available. The end goal being to be able to better provide “out of the box” assets our users can use with little manual editing on their part.

For instance say you had such a variable called “%CURRENT_SECTION%}” I could then create a shared asset that has a list of links and within those links I would use this dynamic CM1 variable so it always pulls the current section the shared asset is used under. in this way our users could all use the same shared asset and the links would auto change based on the section the asset is used under. I’ve used other CMS systems (like expressionEngine) that gave access to such global dynamic variables.

again, for example: I have a shared asset with a link that links to “/mysite/{%CURRENT_SECTION%}/mypage”

I then have 2 pages, each under a different section that both have this shared asset placed on a page:

  1. mysite/sectionOne/mypageOne
    – so the link in the asset would translate to: “/mysite/sectionOne/mypage”

  2. mysite/sectiontwo/mypageTwo
    – so the link in the asset would translate to: “/mysite/sectionTwo/mypage”

Another such example of a dynamic variables could be like %CURRENT_PAGE_TITLE%} to auto pull the current page title, etc.

hope this makes sense.