cm1 install and changes to stylesheet includes

I just upgraded to 5.2 from 4.5, and when I did a couple of my templates broke. I isolated the issue to the lack of the inclusion of /web_resources/cm/css/perc_decoration.css stylesheet. I discovered this by looking at the backup of the web directory taken prior to the upgrade. Is there a way to get that back into the

tag in CM1? I am still relatively new to this. :slight_smile:

Hi Sara,

I will create a support ticket to track this.  We are aware of the issue and can help you through this quickly.  Anyone else with the issue is also recommended to create a support ticket by e-mailing

Chris W

Great! Thank you very much.

For the next person that has this issue.  perc_decoration.css was removed from the published markup as the file wasn’t stylable or editable as part of the site theme.  This file is used by the CM1 user interface for styling and should not have been being published.   

Some customer designs may have inadvertantly been relying on a few of the classes and styles in this css file. If you do run into styling issues after upgrade, try adding the styles below to your theme’s main css file.  We will be adding these to the default Percussion theme in a future release. 

.vspan\_2 { height : 120px }
.vspan\_4 { height : 240px }
.vspan\_6 { height : 360px }
.vspan\_8 { height : 480px }
.hspan\_2 { width : 160px }
.hspan\_8 { width : 640px }
.hspan\_10 { width : 800px }
.hspan\_12 { width : 960px }
#perc-content { margin : 0 auto }
#perc-container { margin: 0 auto; }
#content { margin : 0 auto }
#container { margin: 0 auto; }
.perc-horizontal \> .perc-region { float : left }
.perc-horizontal \> .clear-float { clear : both } 
.ui-helper-clearfix:after { content: "."; display: block; height: 0; clear: both; visibility: hidden; }
.ui-helper-clearfix { display: inline-block; }
\* html .ui-helper-clearfix { height:1%; }
.ui-helper-clearfix { display:block; }
.perc-vertical \> .perc-widget-puff { width:100%; } 
.perc-row { float: none !important; display: block !important; }
.perc-col { float:left !important; }
.perc-clear { overflow:auto !important; height:100% !important; }